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Increasing demand for organic farming

Increasing demand for organic farming

Organic food has truly invaded the Indian market! In fact, the demand for organic food is growing so fast that consumer demand is outpacing some domestic supplies. India has about 30 percent of the total organic producers in the world, but there are still many challenges plaguing the growth. Why is there a sudden demand for organic products?

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Check out the reasons:

The demand for organic products is increasing primarily due to the health benefits, chemical usage avoidance and the changing patterns of lifestyle and food consumption amongst people.

  • Organic farming is better for the environment as it primarily focuses on eco-friendly agricultural practices. Negative environmental impacts cannot be eliminated wholly. But it can help reduce water pollution and improve soil quality. People prefer to buy organic vegetable seeds online which is easily available.
  • More and more people are becoming aware of healthy ways of living. Smart living is now associated with eating healthy and spending on healthy food than on medical treatments.
  • Certified organic products do not use chemical manure, but only composted manure. In recent studies it has been found that organic fruits, vegetables, and grains have fewer Nitrates and Cadmium as well as fewer pesticide residues than non-organic crops, making them safer to consume. This reduces the chances of various diseases like Cancers, Brain damage or infant abnormalities. So practice terrace gardening at home. 
  • As organic food is high on nutritional levels, it is healthier and fresher to consume when compared to conventional food. A high level of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are there in organic food than conventional food is grown with fertilizer. Toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO) are excluded in organic food as chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used while growing the crop.
  • When compared to other products, people prefer organic food to opt for safe food and a healthy lifestyle.
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  • Organic cultivation boosts conservation of biodiversity. It enhances ecological functions and ecosystem services. It is a self-reliance system that improves economic productivity.

Organic farming is a system which takes a while to convert. The Indian organic food market anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 25 percent in the next three years & there is tremendous scope and opportunity for venturing into the business of organic food and organic farming.

Eat organic and live healthily!