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Germinating seeds — Tricks and hacks

Germinating seeds — Tricks and hacks

How to Germinate Seeds Faster?


Trying your hand at gardening? Feeling frustrated trying to germinate seeds and getting no results?? Here are some easy germination hacks for you. Most people prefer growing some vegetable plants or flower plants from seeds at home. But lack of experience and knowledge makes them lose interest in gardening. But with the right hacks and tricks for germinating seeds, your dream of having a garden can be achieved. The growing demand for organic farming has encouraged many to do home gardening in recent times.

How to make the seeds germinate efficiently?

Germination is the process of a seed turning into a plant. Most of the seeds germinate in the soil but some can germinate in water like sprouting of green peas by soaking in water.

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Seed Germination

Here are some easy ways to germinate the seeds.

Soaking in water

Soaking the seeds in water for a few hours can enhance the germination process. Use warm water for more effect. 8 to 12 hours of soaking is enough. Oversoaking will decompose the seeds. Once the seeds sprout, place them in soil and start growing.

Wrapping the seeds in a wet cloth

Wrap the seeds in a wet cloth and keep for not more than 24 hours. After the seeds sprout, you can place them in soil and start growing.

Seedling Tray

Seeds can be germinated safely and easily in the seedling tray method. You can maintain the seed in the tray until it germinates and the plant reaches 2 to 3 inches. Then you need to transplant it into the pot or directly to the land.

Direct sowing

You can try sowing the seeds directly in the pots or on the ground. The most commonly used method. Make a hole in the soil, place the seed in it and close the hole with soil and water sparsely once every 2 days. Germination occurs within a few weeks. Avoid direct sunlight until the seeds sprout.

Sowing very small seeds

When the seeds are really small, sowing them is a bit difficult. So, take a cup of soil and mix the seeds with the soil. Then sprinkle the soil — seeds mixture and the seeds will germinate easily.

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Seed Germination Tricks and Hacks

Sowing thick-coated seeds

In the case of seeds with hard thick coats, like bean seeds, rub off the outer layer gently using sandpaper and then sow. The seeds will germinate easily.

We hope you enjoy the above methods and grow organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs garden at home. Always buy organic seeds for much better results. Happy gardening!!!