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Capsicum Red


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Quick Overview

The capsicum red queen variety has early-maturing, and deep red and sugary sweet.

  • Genus: Capsicum
  • Variety: Capsicum Red Queen
  • Seed type: hybrid
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Sowing Temperature:25 to 30-degree Celcius
  • Days to maturity:70 to 80 days
  • Fruit Color: Green
  • Net Wt: 25 g
  • Sun requirement: Partial Sun
  • Plant to Plant Spacing: 30 cm
  • Best if grown from seeding

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Product Description

For growing capsicum we can plant it either directly sow it seed in the soil or grow it seeds indoor before transplanting the seedling outdoor. Capsicum needs a PH of 6.0 to 6.5. The capsicum plants can be grown in all types of soil. Better in deep, well drained soil. These are a few pests and diseases of capsicums. Fast growing. Different variety of capsicums are have. Capsicum needs full sun. California Wonder, Capsicum Yellow Wonder these are a few pests and diseases of capsicums. These capsicums grows quickly. it needs 75-80 days to maturity.


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