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The growing demand for organic farming and terrace gardening has inspired us to start a new venture that is Agri Earth. Agri Earth is an online seed store basically based on selling organic seeds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. We provide a wide range of seeds collection. We also sell grow bags, organic fertilizers, and gardening tools. Our aim is to promote organic cultivation all over India and encourage terrace gardening. Grow your own kitchen garden at home by using pesticide-free seeds online and relish the true taste of veggies. At Agri Earth, we help you create your great healthy garden. We offer a huge collection of vegetable seeds online to choose from the list. Each packet of seeds will have instructions on planting seeds. If you are not able to choose the seeds, we have made arrangements for labeling each seed packet with pictures for convenience. Now you can count on them by buying organic seeds for exceptionally good quality. We help you grow your own green garden. Enjoy planting seeds and make it a part of your daily routine.