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Sponsor a Seeds

What is Sponsor a Seed Packet?

Sponsor a Seed Packet from AgriEarth is the best way to propagate the concept of nature and environmental awareness. It is about growing organic vegetables, reducing carbon emissions, refusing to employ pesticides, eating and enjoying fresh green vegetables and enjoying a good life through exercise and good food. Sponsoring a Seed Park is the best way to inform your prospective customer that you are concerned for them, wish for their wellbeing and is an integral part of their lives.

Through Sponsor a Seed Pack, your Company or Business or Corporate will connect with your customer and prospective customer, builds goodwill and informs the general public that your company or brand is respectful of people, strives for their well being and is environmentally conscious.

Sponsor a Seed Pack is a small effort for a larger goal.

  • Your target audience will have positive perceptions about your brand or company.

  • It will demonstrate that your brand or company cares about the customer, the environment and the society at large.

  • It makes for a good media story that will go a long way in building more positive perceptions than lakhs of rupees spent on advertising.

  • Your social commitment credentials improve, your goodwill, trust and reputation also gains.

  • It will denote that you consider social responsibility a serious enough issue to take tangible action that brings actual results.

WHEN YOU SPONSOR A SEED PACK YOU GET – the opportunity to send a direct message to the customer in the form of a brochure explaining your environmental stand and details of your brand, products and services. You get the opportunity to follow up on the progress with the customer and build a community.