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How gardening at home will save you money on groceries?

How gardening at home will save you money on groceries?


Gardening is one of the top hobbies preferred by most people. Through gardening, you not only make your home green, but you also make yourself healthy by consuming pest-free fruits and vegetables. At present, with the increased fiscal system, it will be a good start to grow what you eat in your garden itself. This reduces the amount spent by you from buying groceries at shops as well yield will also be more. Let us see in what way does gardening saves money on groceries in the following sections.

It was found from the research by the National Gardening Association (NGA), that it will take only a small amount to be invested in growing plants in your garden. But the yield will be tremendous. If you invest Rs. 500 for growing your garden, you will yield in such a way that you can save Rs.2000 in return. By planting whatever you eat in the garden, you cut your grocery expenses to a greater amount.


Seasonal gardening

Plan your garden skills in such a way that, grow plants according to its seasonal yields. During the summer season, you can plant watery veggies and citric fruits, which will grow quickly and yield more. It will not get affected by the hot climate as these veggies and fruits grow in the summer season. Similarly, identify all the seasonal herbs and groceries and plant them in your garden, which will be fresh as well as cuts down your expenses spent on the groceries.

Seed sowing

Instead of planting the saplings, you can sow seeds of groceries that you eat daily in your garden, and the seeds have to sow in the late spring season. The seeds yield you more profit as it multiplies for every yield. You need to spend for seed only one time. After that, your garden will provide seeds for the next planting. You among your friends can even exchange seeds they wish when you meet them. Your friends will thank you ever as they have the fruit or vegetable which they love in their garden itself.

Space is not an issue

To grow your groceries at home, there is no need to have a large garden area. Few people maintain beautiful gardens only within less than 600 square feet. You need a proper plan to grow your garden efficiently. With available space grow onions, tomatoes, lettuce, curry leaves, which are high yielding one. Try to maximize the space with high yielded crops. Celery, pumpkin, etc. are less yielding one. So depending upon your available space plan, what groceries your garden must-have. Also, try to grow vertical creeping plants in your garden, which requires minimal space, and yield will also be more. During yielding period, keep a notepad or diary along with the season, to make a note of in which season which plants yields more and gives profit to you and which plants yields less with no profit. By doing so, you can plan your garden accordingly.

Plan and grow

Yes, we are growing groceries at our home garden to eat fresh. But it is not necessary to plant and eat immediately. Few groceries last for a very long time without any preservatives. Vegetables like carrots, onions, winter squash, pumpkin, and lots more can be cut, blanched, and kept in deep freezers for long-lasting use. Say, for example, you will not be using many peppercorns during the summer season; instead, you will have to use more during the winter season. So in such cases, you can plant the pepper plant in the summer season and preserve its yield for the winter season. So you need to go to shops for buying peppercorns when you run out of stock, thereby saving your money. So a good gardener must know the technique of both harvesting and preserving, to be successful in his motto of growing groceries in the home garden.


Garden and Education

Gardening does not only require a backyard of your home. It can be grown in the front portion of your house, patios or balcony. Many plants like tomato, cucumber, chilly, potato, and lots more can be grown in pots. So you can maintain these pots in a window where sun rays fall, or you can even grow in containers. You can grow these plants along with your kids through whom they will learn about the plantation process, irrigation, patience, attentiveness, and lots more. It is mandatory to encourage your kids to grow plants as it will be very useful for them once they grow up.

So, growing your groceries at home will yield you more both in terms of quantity and money. Also, buy the best quality vegetable seeds online for gardening. Proper planning should be there to be successful in harvesting and preserving. Gardening is not only done for money purposes, and it will relieve you from stress and gives your home a greeny and vibrant appearance.