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Grow your own Vegetables in a small garden

Grow your own Vegetables in a small garden

Day by day, there are daily reports of pesticides and chemicals poisoning the vegetables we consume! Starting a vegetable garden at home is a small step towards growing your own organic food. If you are new to gardening, Agri Earth brings to you a list of vegetables that are easy to grow in your vegetable patch or in pots or containers kept in your balcony. These vegetables are easy to grow & maintain. They also do not require much space as well.

  1. Spinach

Different varieties of Spinach grow fast & give you regular yield. Some varieties of Spinach grow by planting seeds but most Spinach varieties can be planted just by burying the stem in the soil.


  1. Chillies

Chillies are not highly sensitive to water and sunlight & they give their yield all through the year. You can just sprinkle the seeds of the Chilli you brought for cooking in the soil and the plants will sprout.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be grown easily but as these plants are highly sensitive to water and sunlight, you have to be careful while growing them. Once they have grown up you have to watch out for bugs and take steps to combat them. Natural pesticides like diluted Neem oil can be sprayed. Give enough manure to the tomato plants or they will have wrinkled leaves and flowering but no fruits state.

  1. Legumes

Soya beans, Peas & Beans etc. are leguminous plants easy to grow and reap in your kitchen garden. They fix nitrogen in the soil and make the soil rich. They are considered healthy for the soil.

  1. Brinjal

Brinjals can be grown from seeds but you have to be very careful of the bugs and worms that attack them. With careful maintenance, you can grow Brinjals in your own garden.

  1. Bitter gourd

You need not buy Bitter gourd seeds from plant nurseries. Just sow the seeds of bitter gourd you got for cooking and you can have a fine creeper in a few weeks.

  1. Onion, garlic and ginger

All these plants grow through bulbs. Plant their bulbs in soil and water carefully.


  1. Coriander & Mint

Both these herbs are very easy to grow in small containers. Lightly crush a few coriander seeds and plant them in soil. You can harvest after one month. Mint can be grown from the stalks you buy from the market. Remove the bottom leaves, plant them & watch them grow.

There are many more varieties of vegetables to grow in your garden. Start exploring vegetable seeds online at AgriEarth. Agri Earth wishes happy gardening to you!!