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Importance of Organic Farming

Importance of Organic Farming

Organic farming in Kerala is building its own importance nowadays. It has revolutionized the farming culture. Organic farming is rapidly growing and is being practiced by many farmers as well as by individuals. By following organic farming one can yield more benefits like safer cultivation, natural produce and also environmental friendly.

Organic farming is the practice of growing and reaping crops entirely free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. Organic farming includes the use of natural products available in nature like animal excreta, kitchen waste, crop residues, cocopeat, etc. Composting all these wastes in a natural way and can be used as fertilizers. Using naturally available products for getting rid of pests like neem oil, cow urine, etc. Using these kinds of natural fertilizers also help protect soil nutrients and balance the ph level.

Practicing organic farming helps to preserve nutrients of the food and makes it tastier and also healthier. It is the best eco-friendly farming concept that needs to be adopted by all the farmers. Advantage of organic farming is to yield more good quality crop and also maintain the soil condition.

Organic farming can also be practiced by individuals at home. Maintain a rooftop garden in your house and grow your own veggies and fruits. Buy organic seeds online in India, set up your own kitchen garden. Organic farming is a happy farming for people and also for the environment.