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How to Grow Herbs Garden at Home

How to Grow Herbs Garden at Home

If you are a cooking enthusiast for cooking with fresh herbs it is always better if you can grow them at home. Buying herbs is a bit expensive. You can create a herbs garden right at home! A garden of herbs that can make your food delicious as well as provide positive health supplements. With special herbs, you can make great anti-inflammatory, ointments, and Teas.

Mint Plant

Apart from saving money, you can have fun creating your own herbs garden. You should learn how to start your herbs from seed and plant the herbs in a windowsill garden, container garden outside or in the ground. With a little know-how, you and your family can enjoy better health.

Starting from Seed

When you are thinking of planting a herbs garden, you will probably wonder where you should start. You may want to start sourcing the seeds. Herbs seeds are rather inexpensive and a packet can last you for a long time. You will need to plant more than you actually need, as some may not sprout. To make it easy, you could buy a kit from the best place to buy Organic seeds online in India, the AgriEarth online store. Once you get the seeds you can plant them in containers with the proper planting mix and place them where they get enough sunlight. At first for a few days, keep them in a shaded place. Then you can place them in a sunny place.

Basil Plant

Windowsill Garden

Some herbs automatically die off during the winter, but having a herbs garden on your windowsill is a way that you can continue using the herbs all year long. At times you may have to replant.

Container Garden

If you are planning a bigger herbs garden, but don’t have a large enough yard, you can plant your herbs in containers of varying sizes. You can even use unusual containers. Ensure the herbs grow well together if you are planting them in the same container.

Once you have decided that you want to plant your herbs garden you know where to get your seeds online. Check out with AgriEarth online store the best source to buy Organic seeds online in India. You are almost started. Good luck to you!