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How to Take Care of Plants?

How to Take Care of Plants?

Plants both Indoor and outdoor will thrive only when given proper care and treatment. Plants require water, light, and warmth to survive.


The primary concern for plants is that making sure that they get enough and more sunlight. For those plants that need full sunlight, they should be exposed to 4-6 hours of direct sunlight every day. For those plants that require partial sunlight, it should be exposed to 2-3 hours of direct sunlight. For those plants that require shade, it should be exposed to direct sunlight for an hour.


Watering plants is quite a tricky task because too much water could rot the roots and too little of water could dry it off. Water needs of plants vary from plant to plant. Always one has to use a spray bottle and add just enough water to make the soil moist rather than making it muddy.

The tip to check if the plant has enough water is to stick your finger into the soil up to one’s second knuckle. If your finger could come out dry then you need to water the plant. If it is wet, hold watering for 2-3 days more. 

Tips to take care of your plants.

1. Once in a month give your plants a deep watering by placing them in a sink and let the water run through the plant.

fresh Compost

2. Fertilizers give the plants additional nutrients they need. Most fertilizers have a three-number series which shows the amount of three minerals nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The requirements of different plants will be different, so choose the fertilizer accordingly.On a medium ground .6-12-6,10-10-10, the mix is good enough for most plants.One can spray or sprinkle the fertilizer directly on the top of the soil.

3.Dust off your plants.

Most indoor plants will get coated with a thin layer of dust and it is very necessary to wipe it out either with a wet cloth because it makes it harder to grow by clogging the pores on the leaves. 

  1. Remove weed regularly

Weeds consume essential nutrients in the soil that actually harm the growth of plants.So keep your pots free from weeds by pulling out those weeds .While pulling it up grab each weed as close to the ground and then pull it straight up.By doing this, the entire root system will be pulled up and can slow down the growth of other weeds.


5.Cut off any diseased or dead plants.

Plant diseases spread quickly .if you don’t remove the dying limbs, it will quickly spread to other parts of the plant and also cut the dead heads of the plants to stimulate new growth.

Follow these planting tips to grow your dream vegetable garden at home.