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Tomato Swaraksha


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This determinate hybrid has good foliage cover, exceptional yields with tolerance to bacterial wilt and TLCV. Produces excellent quality fruits of Square round to oval shape, 80-90g with very good firmness.

  • Variety: swaraksha
  • Hybrid type: Bacterial Wilt Tolerant Hybrids
  • Plant habit: Determinate
  • Maturity: Early
  • Net Wt:100 Seeds
  • Fruit weight (grams):80-90
  • Fruit shape: Square round
  • Disease Tolerance: Bacterial Wilt, Tomato Leaf Curl Virus
  • Remarks: High yields

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Product Description

Tomato seedling need powerful direct light. Tomatoes need a PH value of 6.0 to is neutral. It needs at least 55 days to maturity. Tomato F1 HYB NS 538 variety excellent quality fruits of square round to oval shape. Bacterial Wilt Tolerant Hybrids. Tomato plant spacing is depend upon which variety of tomato is being grown. Hybrid type.


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