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Water Melon Seeds


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Quick Overview

The unique F1 hybrid watermelon has bright orange flesh that is  exceptionally sweet crisp and juicy. F1 hybrid watermelon, with excellent yield potential. fruit are uniform, short oblog in shape and weigh 10 to 12 kg.

  • Kind: Watermelon
  • Variety: F1 Hybrid R.K.-84
  • Brand: R.K seeds
  • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast growth rate
  • Temperature :30F to 40F
  • Light Requirements: full sun
  • Days To Maturity: 90 to 100days
  • Net Wt: 4g
  • Plant Width:10 in

Out of stock


Product Description

We can grow watermelon from seeds. It produces both male and female flowers. Nitrogen based fertilizer is best for watermelon plants. When the plants begin flowering we can use phosphorous and potassium based fertilizers. Watermelon needs a PH value of 5.2 to 5.8. It grows in many kinds of soil. It normally prefers a light, sandy fertile loam. The soil should be 70 F. Watermelon likes lots of water so keep water it regularly. It takes 65 to 90 days to maturity. Moderate to fast growth rate. The unique F1 hybrid watermelon has a bright orange flesh that is sweet, crisp and juicy. After 20 to 25 days later the vines are 4 to 8 feet in length. A healthy watermelon can produce 4 to 6 fruits per plant. Successfully growing watermelon in pots also.


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