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  • Gen. Purity 98%
    Gen. Minimum:60%

  • Sambar Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant.it requires optimum sunlight and adequate water to grow. Summer is the best time to plant. fast-growing and very productive.

    • Scientific Name: Cucumis sativus
    • Family: Cucurbitaceae
    • Sowing Temperature:25 to 30 Degree Centigrade
    • Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun
    • No of seeds per pkg:50
    • Germination Rate:70%
    • Lifecycle: Annual
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, are herbaceous biennial root vegetables in the family Chenopodiaceae has grown for their edible root. Beets are cool season vegetables with a long growing season. They grow best in cool climates but can tolerate some heat as well as some freezing. The roots are ready for harvest when they have reached 2.5 cm.

    • Species: Beta vulgaris
    • Brand: Namdhari seeds
    • Variety: Beet Madhur
    • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast growth rate
    • Light Requirements: Full sun
    • Days To Maturity:60 TO 70 days
    • Pur:98%
    • Net Wt: 5g
    • Plant Width: 12 in
  • It is an early maturity and long fruited type variety.fruits are glossy, purple in color, 25-30 cm long, smooth and tender, a crop is ready for picking.

    • Brand: R.K or Namdhari Seeds
    • Type of seed: Hybrid
    • Growth Rate: fast growth rate
    • Temperature: 25 to 30
    • Light Requirements: full sun
    • Net Wt: 1g
    • Purity:98%
  • It is an early maturity and long fruited type variety. Fruits are glossy,purple in colour, 25-30 cmlong, smooth and tender, crop is ready for picking.

    Variety : F1 Brinjal Crypton Kranti
    Brand: Omaxe Hybrid seeds
    Type of seed: Hybrid
    Growth Rate : fast growth rate
    Temperature :25 to 30
    Light Requirements: full sun
    Days To Maturity: 100 to 110 days
    Net wt: 50 Seeds
    Purity: 98%
    Plant Width: 200 cm

  • Brinjal (Solanum melongena L) is one of the most common vegetables grown throughout the country for its purple, green or white pendulous fruit. It is an early maturity and long fruited type variety. Fruits are glossy, white in color,25-30 cm long, smooth and tender, a crop is ready for picking. Brinjal is an erect annual plant, often spiny, with large, coarsely lobed fuzzy leaves, 10-20 cm long and 5-10 cm broad.

    • Kind: Brinjal
    • Brand: Omaxe Hybrid Seeds
    • Variety: F1 White Long
    • Seed type: hybrid
    • Max reachable height:1 to 3 feet
    • Difficult to grow: Easy
    • Days to maturity:70 to 80 days
    • Fruit Color: White
    • Temperature:15 to 38 F
    • Net Wt: 50 Seeds
    • Sun Light: Full sun
    • Soil: Sandy
    • Plant Distance:10 cm
  • well-drained soil enriched with organic matter, such as compost or dried manure. Soak the seeds overnight and sow them to increase the rate of germination. Regular watering is essential for the growth of snake gourds. The fruits can be harvested within 50-60 days from planting.

    • Variety: Snake gourd Hybrid
    • Size:10 to 20 inches
    • Net Wt: 4 gm
    • Sun Requirement: Full sun
    • Plant Distance: 60 cm spacing
  • The capsicum red queen variety has early-maturing, and deep red and sugary sweet.

    • Genus: Capsicum
    • Variety: Capsicum Red Queen
    • Seed type: hybrid
    • Height: 40 cm
    • Sowing Temperature:25 to 30-degree Celcius
    • Days to maturity:70 to 80 days
    • Fruit Color: Green
    • Net Wt: 25 g
    • Sun requirement: Partial Sun
    • Plant to Plant Spacing: 30 cm
    • Best if grown from seeding
  • Capsicum Yellow wonder is great heirloom yellow capsicum variety, the fruit is mild, sweet and delicious.

    • Variety: Capsicum Yellow Wonder
    • Seed type: Hybrid
    • Brand: Biocare Seeds
    • Plant Height: 40cm
    • Days to maturity: 75 to 80 days
    • Fruit Color: Orange
    • Sowing Temperature: 25 to 30 Celsius
    • Number of Yellow Capsicum Seeds: 10g
    • Sun Requirement: Full sun
    • Plant to Plant distance: 30 cm
  • Hybrid seed corn is a unique and very specialized crop. The production of hybrid seed corn requires more time, expense and expertise to produce than other commercial crops.

    • Variety: Hybrid Corn
    • Growth Rate: Fast growth
    • Temperature :40F to 50F
    • Light Requirements: full sun
    • Relative Days To Maturity: 60 to 100days
    • No of Seeds: 20
    • Plant Width:4 to 6 inches
  • The factors which make these seeds highly popular among our clients are long shelf life, rich nutrients, and excellent quality. These seeds are used for cultivation of different varieties of pumpkins. Plants are vigorous sturdy bearing habit plant produces

    • Variety: RK Seeds
    • Kind: HY.Seeds Pumpkin
    • Brand:
    • Seed Type: Hybrid
    • Soil Type: Any
    • Net Wt: 4 g
    • Days to maturity: 90 to 125 days
    • Sun requirement: Full sun
    • Plant distance: 12 to 15 inches
  • Drumsticks are an excellent source of B vitamins like niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12, which are known to play a vital role in improving your digestive health. Moreover, drumsticks contain dietary fiber that also aids the digestive process.

    • Kind: Drumstick
    • Brand: s
    • Variety:
    • Size:6-8 in
    • Fruit Color: Green
    • Net Wt: 4g
    • Sun Requirement: Full sun
    • Plant distance:100 cm

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