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Agriculture Information of Spices, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables


Agriculture means production of foods through farming. Agricultural science is the study of Agriculture. The history of agriculture defined by greatly different climates, cultures, and technologies. Some of the major agriculture products we can grouped into foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials. Some exaple of agriculture products are cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, cotton, wool, hemp, silk, flax, lumber and bamboo, methane from biomass, ethanol, and biodiesel. This is started with human civilization with the help of animals. Agriculture science is the study of agriculture that helps to increase yields from cultivation and productivity. The main product of agriculture is grouped into fibers, food, fuels and raw materials. In the field of agriculture some useful products are come from plants. Agriculture plays a key role in development of human civilization. Now a day’s agriculture comes into the nature friendly and green revolution. Green revolutions export the technologies to develop world to developing world. Agriculture developed 10000 years ago. Helping with the new technologies it developed in vast areas. Animals like horses, mules, oxen and camels are using to cultivate fields and harvest crops.

This is an agriculture related website that gives comprehensive information about cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We include the photo gallery of various spices, vegetables, flowers, fruits, orchids and agriculture products. We are connecting farmers in the world through our discussion forum. We also introducing and promoting green products, green business centers and green business through this website.

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